Fiskarson, Enke

Age 24; Dog Wrangler


ENKE FISKARSON, Dog Wrangler (page 359)
Academic Abilities
Languages 3 (Norwegian, English).
Interpersonal Abilities
Technical Abilities
Astronomy 2, Outdoorsman 5.
General Abilities
Athletics 6, Driving (dog sled) 8, Firearms 8, Health 9, Polar Survival 7, Preparedness 8, Sanity 9, Stability 9, Scuffling 1, Sense Trouble 6, Weapons 7.
.45 revolver (+1)
Ice axe (+1)


Member of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition

He is a burly bear of a man, standing well over six feet, with white-blonde hair and enormous hands. Dogs know and alpha when they see one, and they always agree to obey Fiskarson, although people will find him to be the gentlest person on the expedition.

Fiskarson, Enke

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