Pulaski, Gregor

Age 35; Sled Team Chief


GREGOR PULASKI, Sled Team Chief (page 359)
Academic Abilities
Languages 3 (Polish, English, Russian).
Interpersonal Abilities
Technical Abilities
Art (Sing) 3, Outdoorsman 4.
General Abilities
Athletics 6, Driving (dog sled) 7, Firearms 8, First Aid 5, Health 8, Polar Survival 7, Preparedness 6, Sanity 7, Stability 7, Scuffling 1, Sense Trouble 5, Weapons 7.
.30-06 Bolt Action Rifle (+1)
Small club (+1)


Pulaski is a big, happy Pole who loves all his dogs and knows them by name and personality. His round face always has a bright smile and a wave for anyone he meets.

He spends a lot of time hanging out with Sorensen and Lopez.

Pulaski, Gregor

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