Gilmore, Albert

Age 37; Drill Technician


ALBERT GILMORE, Drill technician (page 358)
Academic Abilities
Geology 3, Languages 2 (English, French), Physics 2.
Interpersonal Abilities
Technical Abilities
Evidence Collection 3.
General Abilities
Electrical Repair 6, Firearms 6, Health 7, Mechanical Repair 8, Preparedness 4, Sanity 4, Stability 4, Sense Trouble 6.
.30-06 bolt action rifle
Thompson Submachine Gun (+1)
.38 Special Revolver (+1)


Member of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition

Peoples first impression of Albert Gilmore is his scarred, discolored face; Gilmore was one of the last people to face a German flame-thrower during the Great War. As a result, he has no hair on his head, nor any earlobes.

Despite his looks, he is an excellent mechanic, and he is looking forward to the long stint in the cold.

Gilmore, Albert

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