Greene, Dr. Richard

Age 27; Physician


DR. RICHARD GREENE, Physician (page 358)
Academic Abilities
Geology 2, History 3, Languages 2 (English, French), Law 2, Library Use 4, Medicine 4, Occult 2, Physics 3.
Interpersonal Abilities
Assess Honesty 3, Credit Rating 4, Reassurance 4.
Technical Abilities
Art (Ballroom Dance) 4, Chemistry 2, Outdoorsman 3, Pharmacy 4.
General Abilities
Athletics 8, Firearms 3, First Aid 7, Health 7, Preparedness 8, Psychoanalysis 4, Sanity 9, Stability 9, Sense Trouble 8.
.30-06 bolt action rifle (+1)


Member of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition

At the peak of physical condition, and intense, Doctor Greene has conquered medicine and is looking for a new challenge. He is up for virtually anything that could be proposed, from climbing extraneous mountains to naked hundred yard dashes across the snow, so long as he has someone else to egg him on and tackle the challenge with him.

Greene, Dr. Richard

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