Packard, David

Age 28; Camp Team Boss, Camp Security


DAVID PACKARD, Team Boss and Sergeant at Arms (page 358)
Academic Abilities
Accounting 3, Languages 1(English), Law (Criminal) 4.
Interpersonal Abilities
Assess Honesty 4, Bureaucracy 1, Flattery 1, Reassurance 1.
Technical Abilities
Art (Origami) 4, Evidence Collection 3.
General Abilities
Athletics 4, Explosives 2, Firearms 5, First Aid 6, Health 7, Preparedness 5, Sanity 6, Stability 6, Scuffling 8, Sense Trouble 5, Stealth 6.
.30-06 rifle (+1)
.45 revolver (+1)


Outwardly a rough-and-tumble sort, in weeks of watching him work other expedition members believe that he has a deeper side that he rarely reveals.

He closely follows Professor Moore’s orders, rather than immediately agreeing to or arguing against any direction from Starkweather.

Packard, David

Against the Ice Ankhwearer