Cole, Maurice

Age 19; Camp Worker


MAURICE COLE, Camp Crew Worker (page 358)
Academic Abilities
Languages 1 (English), Physics 2.
Interpersonal Abilities
Bargain 3, Flattery 1, Reassurance 1.
Technical Abilities
General Abilities
Conceal 4, First Aid 5, Fleeing 9, Health 7, Preparedness 4, Sanity 4, Stability 4, Scuffling 8, Sense Trouble 5, Weapons 6.
Heavy club (0)


Member of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition

Cole is a compact mass of muscle and leverage with short, brown hair and surprisingly pretty green eyes set into a boyish face. Although younger and shorter than Cruz or Lopez, and lacking the brute force the other two workers offer, Cole compensates with an excellent knowledge of applied leverage.

He has a tendency to be scrappy when not otherwise occupied, although the gentle temperament of the other workers stifles serious encounters during the voyage south.

Cole, Maurice

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