Cruz, Hidalgo

Age 38; Camp Worker


HIDALGO CRUZ, Camp Crew worker (page 357-358)
Academic Abilities
Languages 3 (Quechua, English, Spanish), Occult 3.
Interpersonal Abilities
Intimidation 1.
Technical Abilities
Evidence Collection 2.
General Abilities
Athletics 6, Fleeing 6, Health 9, Mechanical Repair 4, Preparedness 5, Sanity 6, Stability 6, Scuffling 6, Sense Trouble 5, Stealth 6, Weapons 5.
Heavy club (0)


Cruz is a burly man with an extraordinary barrel-like chest. As wide as the proverbial barn door, Cruz is not the brightest member of the expedition, but he interprets instructions well, solves problems ingeniously and with humor, and is seemly untiring.

Cruz, Hidalgo

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