Lopez, Tomás

Age 24; Camp Worker


TOMAS LOPEZ, Camp Crew Worker (page 357)
Academic Abilities
Biology (Botany) 2, Languages 3 (Portugese, English, Spanish).
Interpersonal Abilities
Technical Abilities
Astronomy 1, Craft (transplant plants) 5, Evidence Collection 2, Outdoorsman 2.
General Abilities
Health 8, Piloting (boat) 5, Preparedness 4, Sanity 5, Stability 5, Scuffling 1, Sense Trouble 4.


A strong, likable gardener recruited at Miskatonic University, Lopez is as hard and uncomplaining a worker as the expedition could wish for. Off-shift, he is shy and deferential, and indeed quite surprised that he was chosen for this trip.

Lopez, Tomás

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