Snåbjorn, Olav

Age 36; Dog Wrangler


OLAV SNÅBJORN, Dog Wrangler (page 359)
Academic Abilities
Languages 2 (Norwegian, English).
Interpersonal Abilities
Technical Abilities
Astronomy 2, Outdoorsman 4.
General Abilities
Driving (dog sled) 7, First Aid 6, Health 7, Polar Survival 6, Preparedness 5, Riding (dog) 5, Sanity 6, Stability 6, Scuffling 8, Sense Trouble 5.


Olav is significantly shorter than the other two dog wranglers, which makes him doubly close to the dogs. He takes and opportunity to play with them every day.

Olav barely speaks English, strongly preferring to speak Norwegian or to have his teammates on the dog team translate.

Snåbjorn, Olav

Against the Ice Ankhwearer