Halperin, Douglas

Age 30; Pilot


DOUGLAS HALPERIN, Pilot (page 359)
Academic Abilities
Languages 3 (English, Hebrew, Yiddish).
Interpersonal Abilities
Assess Honesty 3.
Technical Abilities
Astronomy 2, Craft (machine parts) 2, Meteorology 1, Outdoorsman 5.
General Abilities
Aircraft maintenance 5, Athletics 6, Electrical Repair 4, Firearms 4, Health 7, Mechanical Repair 4, Piloting (aircraft) 7, Preparedness 5, Radio Operator 3, Sanity 6, Stability 2, Scuffling 1, Sense Trouble 6.
.45 revolver (+1)


Halperin has thin, sandy hair and small, round glasses that give him a perpetually bookish air. He is quietly good-natured, always willing to take what comes and go along for the ride.

He is taciturn, very competent, and does not seem to get along at all with the daredevil DeWitt.

Halperin, Douglas

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