Porter, Charlie


CHARLIE PORTER, Graduate Assistant to Willard Griffith (page 356)
Academic Abilities
Geology 4, History 2, Languages 2 (English, Esperanto), Library Use 4.
Interpersonal Abilities
Assess Honesty 2.
Technical Abilities
Chemistry 2, Craft (Tunneling From Scratch) 5.
General Abilities
Athletics 7, Electrical Repair 2, Explosives 3, Health 7, Mechanical Repair 4, Preparedness 7, Sanity 8, Stability 8, Scuffling 7, Sense Trouble 8, Stealth 5.
16-Gauge shotgun (+1)
Dynamite sticks (thrown, see page 67 in Trail of Cthulhu).


Both Willard and Charlie are Colored (to use the parlance of the time, African American in the modern vernacular).

Porter, Charlie

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