Starkweather , James

Age 43; Adventurer, Retired Army Officer, and Safari Guide; Expedition Leader


JAMES STARKWEATHER, Expedition Leader, Lecturer, Guide. (page 352)
Academic Abilities
Languages 4 (English, French, Kikuyu, Swahili)
Interpersonal Abilities
Credit Rating 3, Dodge Question 4, Flattery 2 (4 if flattering reporters), Intimidation 5, Oral History 1, Reassurance 5.
Technical Abilities
Art (writing) 4, Art (raconteur) 3, Astronomy 2, Evidence Collection 4, Outdoorsman 4.
General Abilities
Athletics 6, Explosives 3, Firearms 7, First Aid 3, Fleeing 7, Health 8, Sanity 8, Stability 8, Scuffling 7, Sense Trouble 2, Stealth 5, Weapons 4.
Elephant Gun (+2, Athletics test against Difficulty 3 to stay upright after each shot).
.455 webley revolver (+1)
Ice Axe (+1)


Starkweather possesses the classic “tall, dark, and handsome army officer” looks. Well-spoken, immaculately behaved towards his peers, people respond to his charm and enthusiasm immediately upon meeting him.

Starkweather is very likable and comes across as energetic, though given to theatrical gestures and overblown expressions. He impresses many by his knack for remembering names.

Renown for his expertise on safaris and other expeditions.

Most recently, he participated in the ill-fated Italia expedition in 1928, successfully crossing the North Pole by airship, but crashing on the return flight.

Longtime friend of William Moore.

Starkweather , James

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